When incest is disclosed, a mother’s life is turned upside down.  Her life as she knew it is shattered.  In addition to shock, confusion and anger, several agencies intervene in their life overnight.  These agencies are connected to the legal, child welfare and medical institutions. 

Several different agencies may intervene including forensic interviewers, police, detectives, guardian et litem, Child Protective Services (CPS), Child Advocacy Centers, attorneys, Child Family Investigator and District Attorney.  When CPS intervenes, a case is opened and mothers have to maintain an ongoing relationship with a case worker.  This can be frightening, stressful and overwhelming to mothers.  Mothers require support to navigate through this maze.  

Mother Haven provides advocates to assist mothers with the intervening agencies.  Advocates provide information on the various agencies and their roles.  Advocates are available to accompany mothers to appointments, court hearings and interviews.  If advocates are not available in a specific area, they can participate by telephone.  In cases where mothers are having a problem with an intervening agency, an advocate will contact that agency on a mother’s behalf.  Advocates are available to advise mothers about their rights. 

Mother Haven is developing local advocacy networks in communities throughout the United States.

This is an overwhelming, stressful and difficult time mothers.  Your life is torn apart.  You deserve support.  You do not have to suffer alone.  There are other mothers who are willing to be there for you.  

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