Mother Haven provides an anonymous and confidential place for mothers when incest is suspected.  To offer a connection to every mothers affected by this tragedy.  To provide comfort, support and information.  Mothers are treated with compassion and respect without judgment or recrimination.


  • Provide a confidential and anonymous place where mothers can connect with other mothers.
  • Lessen the impact of disclosure on mothers, victims and families.
  • Provide a safe place to discuss concerns about possible sexual abuse.
  • Support mothers in dealing with the shame, blame and guilt.
  • Empower mothers through information and resources.
  • Educate mothers on what to expect after disclosure.
  • Provide community referrals.
  • Advocate with intervening agencies.
  • Conduct workshops for mothers on survival skills
  • Develop a network of local and national resources.
  • Provide information on grieving and healing.
  • Every mothers is reassured that it is not their fault.


Be a voice for mothers

  • Speak out on the crippling impact of incest on mothers and families.
  • Address the myths and sterotypes that stigmatize mothers
  • Educate parents and the public on detection, prevention and solutions to the barriers to reporting
  • Reduce incest by exposing the facts and increasing coverage in the media.
  • Advocate for legislative change.



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